Competition Rules

1. There will be three sections – Comprised of Standard, Intermediate and Advanced members. Standard and Intermediate members will enter the same competitions.

2. Open Print and Open Digital (DPI) competitions may be
included in the programme.

3 There will be Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual competitions for prints and DPI’s

4. A member may enter a maximum of 3 prints and
3 DPI’s in a monthly competition, a maximum of
3 prints or 3 DPI’s in a Quarterly competition – 6 prints and 6 DPI’s is the maximum in an Annual Competition.

5. The maximum size for prints, either black or white or colour is 40cm x 50cm including mount. The minimum size for all prints is 6.5” x 8.5”. For enprint competitions only the maximum size is 7 x 5 and must be from the full frame. No after work is allowed.

6. Open competitions will be the same as Monthly competitions that is, items may be entered in the next Quarterly competition. Maximum sizes as in Rule 5 unless otherwise specified.

7. All entries in Quarterly competitions must have been entered in the Monthly competitions held during the same quarter.

8. No digital or print may be entered in more than one Monthly competition. After entry digitals and prints may not be changed.

9. Prints entered in competitions may be trade or self processed by the member submitting the entries, including negative process.

10. All images entered must be the Author’s own work, this includes compilation images.

11. Judging at Monthly competitions will be by popular vote (ie a show of hands) with comments by an advanced member after voting has taken place. Each member will be allowed one vote in each section only. Voting for the same image twice will not be allowed except in the case of a tie. Voting for one’s own image is also not allowed.

12. Judging at Quarterly, Annual and Open competitions will be by an invited judge.

13. Any print or digital may be proposed for selection for inter-club competitions at the request of any Advanced member.

14. A panel of Advanced members will select prints and digitals for inter-club competitions.

15. All competition print entries, except for the Annual and Monthly must be handed into the Competition Secretary no later than 19.45 hours on the night of the competition. DPI’s are required one week in advance or at the discretion of the DPI Secretary.

16. All entries for the Annual competitions must be handed to the Competition Secretary on, or before, the date given by the print and DPI Secretaries.

17. All entries for the Annual competition must have been entered in a competition during the current year.

18. Any work submitted for a monthly competition may only be submitted in one format. For example, images entered as a colour print cannot be subsequently entered as a black and white print or digital. If other media of the work exists then they may be requested for use in outside competitions.

19. New members will be allocated to the appropriate section after submitting a selection of his/her work to a panel of Advanced members. If a new member cannot produce a selection of work at the time of joining, he/she will be assessed over a period of time.

20. Members of the Standard/Intermediate sections may be promoted to the Intermediate or Advanced sections after a review of the member’s work, over a period, by a Panel of Advanced members.

21. Digital images must be submitted in JPG or PNG format no later than one week prior to the competition. No size limits are imposed. Entrants understand that North Romford Camera Club will retain copies of entries as historical archive and for future competition entries. Copyright remains with the original owner.