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Another Great club Evening!

Evening With Felix Kunze

Felix Kunze
NRCC - 21st August 2013 Evening with FELIX KUNZE

August is always a difficult time for photography clubs. Holidays, family events etc...etc...all help to make club attendance a challenge.
Members who attended on the 21st August were in for a real treat.
Our Chairman attended a lecture by FELIX KUNZE and managed to persuade him to come to our club. This would be only the 2nd such event for Felix so we were really fortunate that he kindly agreed.
I personally was not able to be there on the night but the feed back I have received from members attending the evening was 'extraordinary'.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening and went home full of ideas and were truly inspired by Felix.
I would suggest you google his name and have a look at his website. We would love to be able to have him back but unfortunately he will permanently be moving to America in the very near future.
Another great club meeting!